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Sorry to hear about the health issues of your Garbo.  Definately sucks! This 
sort of thing isn't common and could happen with any dog at any school.

Good thoughts your way.

Lyn withouot Landon
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> Hi all,
> With the iminant retirement of my precious guide Garbo, I face myself
> asking if I made the right choice in school and if per chance there
> might not be a better option out there.
> Is the 2006  survey the latest information? If not where can I find 
> better?
> Anyone who has any info on choosing a school things the others offer,
> differences in training between seeing eye and others, that'd be
> great.
> Specifically I'm looking for short class time, 2 max 3 weeks, a school
> who uses positive training methods, and who has a good record of
> health with the dogs, and a vet assistance program.
> Any info or help would be greatly appreciated. Ownership is a concern
> but I can wait if I need too.
> Oh also, I'd like a school who has some goldens and golden crosses in
> teh program but again that's not a top priority.
> Thanks a lot.
> Jessica and Garbo
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