[nagdu] Dog health insurance

Kathy Davis kdavisnfbf at cfl.rr.com
Tue Jul 8 03:43:56 UTC 2014

I have Trupanion health insurance for Wade. This company was recommended to
us while I was at the Seeing Eye and they gave an excellent presentation. I
think I am paying around $41. Per month. Of course, the younger the dog the
less expensive it will be. My boy has been completely healthy but one of my
classmates has had to take advantage of Trupanion several times and it was
well worth the monthly expenditure. 

Hope this helps and I'll continue to keep the insurance because Wade will no
doubt continue to be as healthy as can be as long as I have that coverage.
If I dropped it he would probably get something dreadful. 

Kathy Davis and Wonderful Wade 

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Hi Everyone,
When I receive my second guide dog, I am considering health insurance.  
I know how much Destiny's medical conditions cost.  Does anyone know of any
dog health insurance or use it?  Do you have thought on why you might or
might not use health insurance?  Lastly, Does anyone know if it covers
dental cleaning?  Thanks


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