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Thu Jul 10 03:38:09 UTC 2014

Um, why do you want to take Odie in a fire truck?

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Hi, Dan and Parker,
By law, your dog has the right to go in the ambulance with you.
Odie has gone in one with me plenty of times and if a paramedic tried to say
no, I still fought back.
In the situation of your mama, I could understand why you didn't want to
press it further.
You were more concerned about her getting to the hospital and being checked
out immediately.
I remember a message posted a while back on a guide dog related list I'm on
in reference of service dogs and emergency vehicles.
If your email address is still the same, I'll send it to ya off list.
Prayers are going out to you as well as your mama in the hopes for a speedy
recovery and she gets to feeling well.
Speaking of emergency vehicles, I hope I can get something set up to where
Odie and I can do a ride in a fire truck.
It's always been Odie's dream to do that, so hopefully, I can make it come
Bibi and MAR son Odie
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