[nagdu] I guess I will not be getting a dog

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They should tell you why you don't qualify. If they didn't, or won't, do you
really want to go there anyway?
There are other schools, try one of them and see who will do in home
Also, your job isn't the only one in town. I'd start looking for another
one. As others have said, can you not take sick leave or vacation time? 
You do have options, probably more then you realize.

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I just got the letter from Fidelco guide dog school and they say I don't
qualify, they were my only hope to get a dog because they come to me to
train with the dog and not me going to the school for three weeks. I can't
get that kind of time off of work and keep my job at the same time. 
I was hoping to get a dog, this was something I had wanted for 40 years. 
I just don't understand why I don't qualify. I have no big special needs. 
they say I can appeal, , but is it worth it. 
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