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Hello All,
     I just thought I would share this story.
     I have been having some trouble with a dog that is off leash and
likes to come running across the street at one point in my route.
There has not been much I could do about it, until today. I was
walking along, and heard the owner of the dog yelling at it to come
back. As I approached the crosswalk, here comes good old Fido, running
like his tail's on fire. I didn't know what was about to happen, so
braced myself for anything. The guy came walking, none too swiftly,
over to me and my dog. He picked up his dog and said the obligatory
"Sorry." I none too gently informed him that his dog was interfering
with the work of a Seeing Eye dog and that there were leash nlaws in
this city. As I moved away, I heard a voice from an idling car say
"Are you all right?" I proceeded to express a little of my
frustrations, as my dog was acting up and not wanting to walk
anywhere. The person said "I know, I saw the whole thing. I am a
police officer."
     It took all I had not to grin as I walked across that street.
Finally, justice will be served. I heard the officer get out of his
car as I walked away, so I'm sure the guy got a good talking to.
Just thought I'd share...
Aleeha and the happy Dallas

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