[nagdu] Problems with airtravel

Tami Jarvis tami at poodlemutt.com
Fri Jul 18 16:11:18 UTC 2014


On our first flight, a red-eye so we would be nice and tired and calm, I 
was glad to sit in the back row where there was a spare seat beside me, 
with a very tall gentlemen in the aisle seat. Mitzi settled down like a 
pro, and I started to relax to nap my way through as the plane started 
to taxi...

Then the hydraulics started working right under her ear. I have an image 
of a cartoon poodle shaped hole in the roof of that airplane, because 
she jetted straight over my head. I caught her by reflex and was glad 
she was *not* a 90 pounder. The attendant was standing behind us, and I 
think started to reach out to catch her, but then stayed really calm 
while I held tight until Mitzi started to relax, then got her settled 
again. The very tall gentleman with the very long legs came in handy as 
a fence when she tried going past him. He was also very calm, just sat 
there and let me deal while he talked about his work. Perfect response! 
So it was a brief flurry, and the hydraulics weren't working so hard and 
whining so much. I was able to get her settled with my foot under her 
ear to muffle the sound. She twichted a few times, then went to sleep. I 
stayed twitchy and did not go to sleep. /lol/

She stayed mellow on the next leg of our flight and on the flight home, 
charming her way into first class (I was allowed to join her) for the 
longest end of trip flight. I did not mind, though for philosophical 
reasons I possibly should have. I was exhausted and coach seats make my 
back spasm.

Sounds like you must have got him settled in the end. How did he do the 
rest of the flight? How is he doing now?


On 07/17/2014 07:29 PM, bobetteandflint via nagdu wrote:
> Has ANYONE experienced flying with their guidedog and having their dog go into a panic mode? He was literally climbing the wall of the jet and jumped up will all 90lbs of himself on my lap and panting profusely on the woman next to me.
> The flight attendant called into the airport while we were in the air.
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