[nagdu] Diarrhea

Julie J. julielj at neb.rr.com
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I always struggle with Monty not drinking enough water when I travel.   I 
think he's just very sensitive to different water sources and additives they 
put in it in some cities.  So I try to bring water from home.  Sometimes, 
though I can't bring enough for the whole trip, like a couple of weeks ago 
when I was gone for four days.  So I've discovered putting a small bit of 
fruit juice in his water motivates him to drink.

You might even be able to put the pumpkin in her water and accomplish two 
things in one!  If you're not withholding food, you could put water on her 

a simple test for dehydration is gently pinch a bit of skin and pull it up. 
If it snaps back quickly then she's fine.  If there is any slowing or delay, 
she's dehydrated.  If the skin stays where you pulled it, get her to the vet 

I hope she feels better soon.

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jenny had a very severe case of diarrhea this morning. She seems to be doing 
better, but I can't seem to get her to drink water.  This is not unusual, 
but the dehydration does concern me.
Any advice on getting her to drink? Or just let her drink when she's ready?

Worried Daryl and Jenny (who is slightly embarrassed about the whole thing)

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