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Would it not be enough, if it is blatantly  obvious that the person has a
disability and the dog can perform the service at any time, for the person
to give a demonstration of the dog working? JMHO, this is more legitimate
proof that a dog is a service dog than any i.d. card or even note from a
doctor. If you have to choose between the i.d. card and the note from the
doctor, even if you do have an i.d. card, I would strongly suggest the note
from the doctor as using the card continues to spread the misconception that
service dogs are "certified".
As per the topic of service dog "certification", for the people who are
somewhat new to the list, in summary, there is no such thing as
certification. Some of the schools give cards, but this does not help
matters as there is the double problem that people can buy/make fake cards
for their pets and owner trainers do not have the cards.

Nicole and Lexia

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	Housing accommodation are governed by the Fair Housing Act under the
joint jurisdiction of the Departments of Housing & Urban Development (HUD)
and the Department of Justice (DOJ). Housing accommodation are required to
make reasonable accommodation to allow residents to keep their service
animals in their residents. Service animals are more broadly defined under
the FHA; however, residents can be required to request an accommodation and
demonstrate that the animal mitigates the effects of a disability. This can
be done by the presentation of an I.D. card or by a letter from a treating
health care professional, such as a physician or mental health professional.
I have attached more information concerning this to this message.

Fraternally yours,
Marion Gwizdala

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Hi my name is John Sanders.
I have a question: I live in aissted living apartment complex.
The apartment told me that they want documentation on the guide dog and
where it came from.
Can apartment complexes request documentation on the dog, telling them where
the dog came from and whatthe dog's purpose is?
I hope to hear from you soon.
John Sanders
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