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Hi Deanna,
For the fish oil supplement, I have found that giving it in liquid form
drizzled over my dog's food is easy and works great. The liquid has very
little smell, and it doesn't seem to bother my dog at all. The bottle does
need to be refrigerated after opening. I've read that it's better to look
for oils made from small fish like sardines or anchovies rather than salmon
to reduce the amount of mercury or other toxins your dog may consume. Some
human fish oil supplements have added ingredients that may not be beneficial
for dogs, so I stick with products designed for pets that have fish oil as
their only ingredient. Generally, each product should have recommended
feeding amounts based on your dog's weight. I have been happy with Nordic
Naturals and Iceland Pure products, both of which you can get from Amazon.
Hope this helps!


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My seven year old guide dog, Pascal has been slowing down over the last few
months. The Vet also noticed some joint pain in his hips, low back and
shoulders. I would like to start him on a joint supplement. I am considering
Glucosamine and chondrointin. Is it safe to use human strength products, or
should I purchase it from my Vet's office. How many miligrams does a 75lb.
dog need? I was also told to put him on a fish oil supplement too, so what
is a good amount of that to give him? What is the best way to give these
supplements (do I put it in his food, etc)?
Thanks for any suggestions.
Deanna and Pascal

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