[nagdu] Getting Email Addresses was RE: Fitting a Haltie

Nicole Torcolini ntorcolini at wavecable.com
Sun Jul 27 04:52:16 UTC 2014

You can get the email of the sender by pressing reply or reply all,
navigating  to the to box, and looking there. It usually sends to both the
sender and the list, so you would just have to erase the email address for
the list, and you would be left with just the address of the sender. You
actually sent it to both Raven and the list. When I pressed reply, it's
going to you, Raven, and the list.

Nicole and Lexia

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Subject: [nagdu] Fitting a Haltie

Hi Raven,

I lost our address and phone number in the bowls of my other computer, but I
wanted to talk to you about fitting a halite?  I bought one, but it seems
too large for me, and the guys wouldn't let me see the other one on, so
maybe I could call you, at our convenience, to make sure, as I'd love to
have it when I go out-of-state.
My email address is:

Djrogers0628 at gmail.com

Sorry to bring this to the list, but there is no way to get the email
address of the posts anymore.
Darla & Hardworking Huck

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