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Marsha Drenth marsha.drenth at gmail.com
Mon Jul 28 13:53:34 UTC 2014

My pup now is displaying signs of anxiety when it comes to bugs. A few weeks ago, my husband, I and my pup were playing in my backyard. I was about to groom my pup, when she started to act strange. This is when we realized that we were being swarmed by yellow jackets. All three of us, were stung, my husband and I about a dozen or more times. Puppy about 4 times. It was like a scene out of a horror movie, when yellow jackets attack. Unfortunately, because of the number of times I was stung, I had a major asthma and allergic reaction that sent me to the hospital in an ambulance. Puppy's stungs were okay,, but resulted in a small skin infection, because she scratched them so much. The infection is healing. Its now when ever we are walking, and a bug flies across us, my pup flips out. I am not projecting my fear, stress or anxiety on her, as I am not able to hear when bugs are flying around. She seems to only have issues with bugs that fly. But we can not avoid bugs altogether. Her whole behavior changes when we encounter a bug. I have tried to treat for her not reacting but this is hard to do. I am sure that my pup is afraid of getting stung again, and wants to protect me, as she alerts to other things. But now when we are walking she can react, flip out, 2,3 or 4 times on a walk. I will be starting school very very soon. 
Anyone elses dog had this issue? Any ideas of how to help her not be so scared or anxious when it comes to bugs? Any help is greatly appreciated! 

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