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Sometimes, corrections followed by rewards can help stop a behavior, but it
sounds as though that is not the case for you. Is there anything in
particular that he does when he sniffs? Are there certain things that cause
him to sniff more than others? Is there anything that you know will get his
attention? For example, it gets the attention of some dogs if you just stop
dead in your tracks and drop the harness handle. Did they tell you what to
do about the sniffing in class? I wonder if his puppy raisers let him get
away with sniffing.


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Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I agree with Raven. I want my dog
to work for the possibility of rewards, not to avoid correction. Yes,
corrections temporarily stop a behavior but they don't fix it over time.
When I correct my dog for sniffing, he stops for the moment but will start
sniffing again a short time later. He has always been sniffy, even during


On 7/27/14, Nicole Torcolini <ntorcolini at wavecable.com> wrote:
> Was he sniffy during class, or is this a new behavior?
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> Hi all,
> I returned home from GDF on Friday with my new dog, a male lab/golden 
> cross named Thai. Since we have gotten home, I have begun to avoid 
> using corrections, especially leash corrections. He tends to be quite 
> sniffy, especially in places with a lot of food. A firm "leave it"
> usually is sufficient but it can be difficult to quickly get his
> Also, he will scavenge for food and pick up dropped items which he 
> really should not be eating. This behavior mostly occurs out of 
> harness, but it is still undesirable. Any thoughts on decreasing 
> sniffing and strengthening food refusal skills using positive methods?
> Danielle
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