[nagdu] barking in harness?

Larry D Keeler lkeeler at comcast.net
Thu Jul 31 19:46:47 UTC 2014

What's a gismo? Sometimes dogs just get in the mood to squeeze out a bark! 
Holly mostly barks once or twice at the door but on rare occassions, she'll 
squeeze out one just for kicks!
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> Hey!
> Just had a funny thing happen today. A group of us went out for lunch, 
> then when we came back, Jenny just let out a couple of short barks (bark, 
> pause, bark, pause, bark) at something or someone on the other side of the 
> glass door leading to the office downstairs in our building. She was able 
> to be redirected easily, so we went upstairs, took a 5-10-minute break, 
> and went back downstairs (I thought she was barking at Gizmo, who I wrote 
> about previously).  I figured, hey, training opportunity!
> Well, we got downstairs, and again, she barked once at something on the 
> other side of the door. I didn't hear anything or anyone, so I had her lie 
> down by the second door (the one that leads upstairs), and I opened the 
> door to the office downstairs, and there was nothing or no one there.
> She has never done this before (except once at Gizmo), but people at work 
> seem to think there's another dog down there.
> Any pointers, advice?
> Daryl
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