[nagdu] Guide Dogs and childcare centers

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My concern is that a lot of daycare centers and the like will not hire blind 
people because they say it's a liability issue ... So for those of you that 
work ... how did you get hired??  And disclosing or not is a personal choice 
but some kids might have alergies, you might have wanted to tour the place 
while it was empty of kids to get a feel for things, it'll be hard with a 
ton of kids running around, lol.  But as I said all personal choice

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Okay, this is going to be a rather lengthy message, so hang onto your hats 
Next week, I am starting a volunteer position with a local childcare center. 
This was probably a bad move on my part, but I let my fear of rejection 
solely based on disability dictate whether or not I should disclose my 
disability, and ultimately, I went against it. they do not know I have a 
service dog, and I have never visited this place before, so I don't know 
what it's like. I am not going to bring my black labrador retriever for the 
first day, at least until I've checked with staff to make sure none of the 
kids have allergies or a fear of dogs, just to be safe. Was this a good 
idea, or should I call before going in and let them know I'm blind? Maybe 
I'm just paranoid, but I don't know how they're going to react to me, let 
alone a dog in harness. I was told Ditra is good around children, and have 
seen for myself that she does well, but how do I go about explaining to 
little ones that she's a Guide Dog? I've heard some parents say, "That's a 
working dog," and the kids get it, but sometimes parents don't always know 
how to explain her job well to the children. the kids only know, "Don't 
touch that dog, it's working," but I can tell somehow that they don't quite 
understand exactly how she helps me. Suggestions for both of these issues 
are welcome either on here or privately. thank you.
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