[nagdu] Monday is Taylor-day!

Lisa dreamymarmot93 at yahoo.de
Sat Sep 6 13:37:44 UTC 2014

Hey everyone!

48 hours from now, Taylor will be here or at least will be very close to my

The guide dog trainer and he will arrive Monday afternoon German time. So
since it is now half past three in the afternoon on Saturday, you can
probably imagine my excitement and pleasant anticipation.
At first I was surprised that he wouldn't arrive Sunday afternoon so we
could start training Monday morning because our time until the examination
is limited but now I think it is very good to arrive in the afternoon and
then let the dog move in, look at things and getting to know me, my
boyfriend, our pets and the apartment and start the actual work the next
I keep imagining the moment the door bell rings and I open the door of our
apartment and hear four paws coming closer and closer. Oh my god, i am SO
excited! :-)
Just wanted to share that with you

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