[nagdu] scavaging question

Criminal Justice Major Extraordinaire orleans24 at comcast.net
Mon Sep 8 17:16:52 UTC 2014

Dear Abby B,
Odie also has a bad habbit of doing this as well, so completely understand the frustration.
What you might want to try is doing some leave it practice with Jada, put something down on the floor which isn't dog food related, but people food.
If she starts going for it, immediately give her the leave it correction.
This is a process that will take its time and teaching her that pop corn isn't acceptable, especially not knowing what type of pop corn she got a hold of.
Another part is if you can react quickly, have your hand toward the clasp of the leash and live ring of the collar.
I learned that while in training at Pilot and found it to be more helpful.
I've also used medical pills for part of Odie's leave it training.
If he went for it, he was told to leave it.
I'd put my hand over it first and then keep it close by so I could feel if he were to go for it.
Thankfully when I've accidentally dropped medicine pills, he's left them alone.
What works for Odie and I may not work for all dogs, so it is something each handler must explore with their dog.
Another option you have is if she starts trying to hoover something off the floor and leave it doesn't work, walk away from the area and try to rework her to the food spot.
Once you stop at the food, have her in a sit stay or down stay.
If she bolts, give a quick leave it.
Eventually, she'll get the message and tired of having to be reworked and being corrected for eating pop corn, but I wouldn't really know since I am not that much of a dog trainer or behavioralist as I've been a guide dog user for fourteen years, off and on.
Others may have different suggestions and options to offer you, but hopefully I was able to be of some help.
Bibi and MAR son Odie
orleans24 at comcast.net

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