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Hello Danielle- You are not required to tell greyhound or the theater that
you will be accompanied by your guide dog. Your office for disabilities
should not be getting involved with your right to take your dog with you.
Please don't allow them to do so. 
Tina and the girls 

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Hi everyone, I have a few questions for you guys. I'm with Student Support
Service at my university and they are going to go see a play in Cincinnati I
think. We are taking a Grey Hound and I was told they want to know
everything. The the coordinator of the event asked me if I could just leave
my dog which  I said no to. Then she said that they wouldhave  to let
Greyhound know that I was coming with a dog and alsothat and the theater
because apparently it's packed. I'm not comfortable with telling greyhound
and the theater because I do not want them to come up with some excuse to
put me where they want to put me.  I understand the space part but should I
allow them to let them know? I just want to know what is reasonable and what
is not. Any thoughts or suggestions?   
Danielle and Willa 

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