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I have fed a raw diet for the last 14 years.  I travel an insane amount, and I feed raw on the road, so it can be done. I know that there are a lot of freeze dried food I could feed but two of my dogs died from eating what I thought were healthy treats, instead they were made in China and killed one dog and forced the retirement of the other.  So unless I'm dead or in prison, I don't think I can trust any petfood company ever again.  
I have a small cooler bag meaneat for keeping baby bottles cool. I keep it in my backpack.  When I stay in hotels, I either ask for a fridge— because I take meds that need refridgeration, which also works for the dog's food, or I bring a little bigger sized cooler— about the size of a small to med sized box.  I then keep it full of ice.  
I actually had to feed my dog in the middle of my gate at LAX, last month while waiting for my flight.  I'm leaving for San Fransisco Sunday and will hit a grocery after I arrive for chicken.  
So it can be done, you just have to be inventive! lol
 Rox and the kitchen Bitches: 
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> On Sep 12, 2014, at 3:25 PM, Valerie Gibson via nagdu <nagdu at nfbnet.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm kind of jumping in on the tail end of the conversation, it seems.
> I usually don't like making food choices without consulting with a vet, and I try not to make food choices for others without telling them to first consult with their vet.
> However...
> I'm glad to see someone else who's against the kibble crap that's being fed to dogs nowadays.  
> My last akita was one that was on raw food.  He ate two pounds of bravo daily.  He had a lot of skin problems and a thyroid problem, and when switched, you could definitely tell a chnage in health.
> Because Zion has a malobsorbtion problem, and we're stil trying to figure out what exactly is giving him the problem, I have not switched him to a raw food.
> The only problem with raw that I can see with a guide dog is that, if youre out and about, you can't just whip out the food and feed him because it needs to stay frozen.
> My vet recommended Honest kitchen to me because all of the ingredients are organic and there's no processed crap in it as with kibble.  Even if I am out and about, I'm sure I can find some hot water to make it.
> Grandma lucy's is another good food, and I believe it might fit most budgets. Understand though that when you're looking at food like this, you won't findfood that's as cheap as kibble, or i should say, you won't find good food like this that's as cheap as kibble.  I compare raw/freeze dried and kibble to stores like whole foods verses walmart.  
> Four cups of kibble is way too much for dogs that are in the 60ish pounds, and don't plan to grow.  I feed my dog four cups of food a day, and when we've walked a lot, he eats about five or sometimes six.  But he's 83 pounds on last check and still growing.  
> In my oppinion, all dogs should get check out by a vet at least every year, even if you dont plan on getting them yearly vacsinations.  I guess I can't talk since my vet is super easy to get to, and I'm sure if i just wanted to go down there and weigh my dog, I could.  Feeling your dog's rib cage as most people have said is a good way to tell your dog's weight, and that's actually the way that is recommmended even to sighted people by trainers and vets.  
> On that note, check with your vet just to make sure it's not a thyroid problem or some medical health issue.  You want to be careful with foods that are high in protein because some dogs can't handle it. If that's the route you want to go, make the switch very gradually so that after a week, two max, your dog has made a full switch and no sooner.  If, after 2 weeks, your dog is having irritable digestion, the  food may be too high in protein.
> Never underestimate the power of breeders.  Talk with fellow owners of your dog breed and even from breeders of said dog breed.  Breeders, if they're good, often times have a wealth of informaton reguarding food to feed your dog.  They have to if they want good litters.
> Good luck.
>> On Sep 12, 2014, at 2:21 AM, Raven Tolliver via nagdu <nagdu at nfbnet.org> wrote:
>> Abby,
>> You know how I feel about dog food, as I'm sure most listers do. Of
>> course, I think it's time to switch your girl's food. You may not be
>> comfortable with going prey-model raw, but freeze-dried, air dried,
>> and dehydrated foods would serve your dog better than the kibble. I'm
>> guessing your girl is under 70 lbs, and that you feed nearly 4 cups
>> because she is active. If I'm right, I highly recommend feeding her
>> something more nutrient-rich and high in protein. Even switching to
>> Great Life would be better than plain processed kibble from any other
>> company.
>> The best freeze-dried formulas come from Canine Naturals, but they are
>> not the most affordable for everyone. More affordable freeze-dried
>> brands are Grandma Lucy's, Stella and Chewys, and Sojo's Complete.
>> Onlynaturalpet.com, as well as chewy.com and petflow.com sell these
>> foods. For sure, feeding instructions for these brands can be found on
>> the OnlyNaturalPet site. The Honest Kitchen is a brand of dehydrated
>> dog food. I don't know any brands of air-dried food, but
>> onlynaturalpet.com sells it. If you need any help making your
>> decision, feel free to email me at Ravend729 at gmail.com.
>> Concerning the weight question, what is a labrador harness? I don't
>> understand why there would be a difference between a harness for a
>> labrador and a for a golden. Really, the harness should fit the dog's
>> body shape.
>> And just because the dog is 5 lbs above what he weighed at the school
>> does not mean he is overweight. I was told my dog's target weight was
>> 66 lbs, which is at the lower end of the weight range for male
>> goldens. That was 2 years ago, and now the Golden Guy is a very fit 72
>> lbs. There is no extra weight on this boy anywhere. The dogs are
>> certainly not done growing when we receive them, even if they are
>> 2-years-old, as my dog was. They still fill out in the chest area
>> around 3-4 years, and thus will need adjustment of the harness strap.
>> They spew bs at the schools about not needing to adjust the harness
>> strap if your dog is an adult, but that's a load.
>> Also, a couple of my classmates and I have all switched our dogs to
>> raw, and we've all found that our raw-fed dogs exceed the target
>> weights prescribed by the school. None of our dogs are overweight,
>> they are all well-exercised, and very lean and muscular due to their
>> diets. So looking at my dog's medical chart, you would think he is 6
>> lbs overweight, but if you examine his body, you will see he is very
>> fit.
>> All this is to say, I would not put stock in the numbers, I would put
>> stock in how the dog looks. There should be a thin layer of fat over
>> the ribcage, and the belly should be tucked up to form a definite
>> waistline. If you can't feel the dog's ribs, especially the last few
>> near the belly, the dog is probably overweight. If the dog's belly is
>> not significantly more tucked in than the chest, or if you notice the
>> dog is more round, chances are, the dog is overweight.
>>> On 9/11/14, Nicole Torcolini via nagdu <nagdu at nfbnet.org> wrote:
>>> What formula of Diamond Natural  are you using?
>>>    For your friend, it really depends. Your friend should know to tell
>>> if the dog is overweight using the methods described in this thread. Dogs
>>> go
>>> through phases, and they are by no means done growing when we receive them.
>>> A dog may be slightly overweight at one time in his/her life and, at
>>> another
>>> time, weigh more but not be overweight. If the dog is not overweight and
>>> the
>>> harness does not fit, then your friend needs to insist that the school give
>>> her a harness that fits. Alternatively, she can purchase one from somewhere
>>> else. Is this the first guide dog that your friend has had?
>>> Nicole and Lexia
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>>> Hi Abby.
>>> 4 cups seems like a lot, but I have, and prefer, smallish dogs, around 60
>>> pounds or less.  Ben is eating 2 cups of Canidae a day, and his predecessor
>>> Echo did the same.
>>> I have been feeding Cannidae for All Life Stages for several years, and
>>> have
>>> been happy with it.  However, in his old age, it doesn't seem to agree with
>>> Ben as well as it used to, so I am experimenting with grain-free foods,
>>> starting with Great Life Grain-free Chicken.
>>> If you search the archives for dogfood, you will find much discussion on
>>> this topic, with many opinions.
>>> Did you explain to your friend how to check her dog's weight?  Sometimes,
>>> we
>>> teach each other more than our schools do.  The methods I learned were to
>>> see if I could feel the ribs with gentle pressure, and if the dog has a
>>> definite waist--a tucked-up belly.
>>> Tracy
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>>> Subject: [nagdu] weight question
>>>> Hi all!
>>>> So there are actually two questions here!
>>>> Jada is on a food called Diamond Natural. She is getting almost 4 cups of
>>>> food a day, and seems to be sluggish but losing weight. do you guys think
>>>> it is time to switch her to a diferent food? If so, which food should I
>>>> go
>>>> for? I've had her on imes, and didn't like all the recalls the food got.
>>>> Purina didn't agree with her coat. and she didn't seem to have much
>>>> energy
>>>> when on that food.
>>>> Any suggestions?
>>>> Another question is that my friend is a grad from Leader and she has had
>>>> her dog for about a year or so. Her golden is about 5 pounds overweight,
>>>> but was issued with a labrador harmess, so he is having trouble
>>>> breatheing
>>>> while walking.
>>>> Leader told her that if her dog is that much over weight that they would
>>>> take him from her.
>>>> My first reaction to this prospect was that it was utterly ridiculous.
>>>> When I asked my friend what her pups target weight was, she didn't know.
>>>> When I asked her how often she physically checked his weight, she said
>>>> she
>>>> didn't know how.
>>>> Are there any recent leader grads who ma have these same issues? The only
>>>> way I was able to conclude that the dog is only five pounds over is
>>>> because my friend knew that he was 67 pounds when she got him, and now he
>>>> is 72.
>>>> The dog's belly strap is losened to the max, but is still way too tight.
>>>> Any way to help the dogs comfort level until a field rep can suplly my
>>>> friend with a new belly strap?
>>>> Thank you all for reading my posts! :)
>>>> Abby and sleepy Jada
>>>> Abigail Bolling
>>>> Wright State University: Social Work
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>>>> music play." (Julie Anderson Diamond)
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