[nagdu] Entertaining doggie while sick?

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This sounds fine. Just make sure that you tell the person what you expect
from her, such as no sniffing or eating things off the ground. Also, make
sure that the person knows that she is supposed to walk on the left side.
And, above all, make sure that the person understands that just because she
is a service dog does not give him the right to take her in places that dogs
are not allowed.


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Hi! It's really funny that I just saw this today. This morning, I was
diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection. My poor puppy is so bored and
was actually going to ask you guys if there was anything I could do to
entertain her and my college apartment.

It's not really safe for me to walk anywhere tomorrow or possibly Monday. I
am on a narcotic. So it makes working her tough. Do you think it is safe for
me to give her to a friend and just to let them walk her on leash so she can
get exercise? Or would that possibly be a bad idea. The University I am at
is very good at that service animals. They do not require the dog to
necessarily wear a vest, but they have to be on leash and under control.
Jaida is very good about being polite and her social manners even though she
is a little bit jumpy and licking you are very controllable.
The person I have in mind to give Jade a chair for the day is my
veterinarians son, Jaida is very comfortable with him, and I know he knows
how to control dogs.
I'm really sorry for the misspellings in this email, I am using dictation
and I'm not sure why it's being so finicky. But I do not have the energy to
sit and type all of this. :-) So what do you guys think? She is not really
interested in her bone, but I don't want her to sleep with me the entire
time that I'm going to be sleeping, because I need her to be able to work
for me when I need to go to class on Tuesday. Unfortunately, there is an I
need her to work for me on Tuesday is because I was rushed to learn the
campus, and I decided to learn it with her first instead of learn it with a
cane. Possible bad mistake, but the outcome now is that I don't know the
University with a cane, so landmarks will be a bit tricky.
Thank you all for reading my drug-induced rambling! :-) I hope that at least
some of it made sense.

Abigail Bolling
Wright State University: Social Work
"Keep a smile on your face and a song in your heart, and just let the music
play." (Julie Anderson Diamond)

> On Sep 13, 2014, at 3:23 PM, Daryl Marie via nagdu <nagdu at nfbnet.org>
> Hey!
> I have recently come down with the head cold from hell! I don't feel
confident working Jenny this weekend, so am wondering of ways to entertain
her.  For the most part she's good about just hanging out by my feet or my
bed, and my husband just took her for a quick car ride, but does anyone have
any recommendations on things she can do on her own or that don't require a
lot of energy from me?
> Daryl and Jenny
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