[nagdu] Swimming pools?

Nicole Torcolini ntorcolini at wavecable.com
Mon Sep 15 02:52:19 UTC 2014

I know that this would not be funny in real life, but I can just imagine a
dog somehow breaking free from the leash or, worse, dragging whatever it is
into the pool.

Nicole and Lexia who does not swim

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When I have gone swimming  with bogart I usually  ask if the people in the
office will look ater him.  I don't think hooking up to a bench would have a
positive outcome... probably much barking and howling. :)


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>Hi! I have taken my dogs with me when I've gone swimming.  I have 
>generally hooked their leashes to a bench (as opposed to a chair) 
>because benches generally cannot move easily.  I have also arranged 
>with a friend who was schildrenbathing by the pool to keep my dog 
>beside her while I swam.  Your plan about slowly introducing Jenny to 
>the smell of chlorine sounds like it should
>work.  But I'm sure others will have some good advice.    Debby 
>and Neena who stayed with Dad while Mom swam a couple weeks ago).
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