[nagdu] Washington Post: Uber sued forallegedlyrefusingridestothe blind and putting a dog in the trunk

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We don't have Lift or Uber or even a taxi where I live, but how would a 
person handle a situation where say they had been shopping and had a large 
package?  If you need space for stuff does the ap have some way to indicate 
that?  I'd think the dog concern would be the same.

I have a very big, 85 pound, dog and have not had problems with fitting him 
into small cars.  I have never been in the new sub compact cars though, so 
maybe he couldn't fit.  I don't know.

I don't think I've heard anyone telling you that you can't give advance 
notice, others here have said they give advance notice too.  It's a personal 
thing.  I don't, expect for very rare occasions where I'm requesting 
something related to the dog.  That's my personal preference.  I find that 
it creates more headache than it saves, but maybe I'm doing it wrong.  Who 


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I have a question about not identifying, though.  What if I
request a ride from Lyft or Uber, or even a regular taxi, and
they show up in a very small car that my dog will not fit into?
This could happen especially with very large dogs.  And what
happened to the concept of choice? By this, I mean that people
should have the choice to disclose or not to disclose, as they
see fit.    Peace,    Debby and Neena

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