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I have a Doberman.  I've only had her for a month now.  She does shed, a 
bit.  I mean she sheds in an entire month what my oldest dog looses in one 
swipe of the brush, pretty minimal.  She does have only a single coat, no 
undercoat to keep her warm.  She also has next to no body fat, so a heavy 
duty winter coat is going to be in order.

I know next to nothing about poodles and honestly little about Dobermans, 
but I'm learning lots.  Jetta is easy to handle, extremely eager to work, 
thrives on challenge and tests the limits at every opportunity.  Once we get 
established what is okay and what isn't she's good, but it takes consistent 
and no nonsense handling.     There can be absolutely no "just this once" 
with her.


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Hi list,
I have a dog fur question, but first a preface beforehand. I know that all 
warm-blooded animals shed and have dander, especially those with double 
coats, but I do know that dogs, such as poodles, contain their hair in the 
curly coat. This is why my hubby and I have requested this breed, because of 
allergy reasons, and hubby can be around poodles very little problem to 
worry about. Anyway, my question
is this. Along with the standard poodles, I have heard that dobermans do not 
shed nearly as much as say, labs or goldens, like I have had in the past, 
since dobies are shorter-haired and some say they are single-coated. I know 
that there are at least a couple of listers that have them, and some that 
may know about them. Is this true that if groomed and kept clean, dobies 
would be a good option as well? Thanks for the information.

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