[nagdu] Age of Qualifying Guide Dogs

Dudley Hanks dhanks at dudley-hanks.com
Tue Sep 23 12:30:59 UTC 2014

I tend to agree.

My first Guide, Bonner, was 18 months old when we started working together.
My second and third Guides, Dima and Michener, were both two years old.

All three have been excellent Guides.  Each had its strengths and
weaknesses, but I don't think age was a factor in any.

Take Care,
Dudley, with Michener

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Petunia was about 18 months when I got her in April. Honestly, I was worried
about her age. My dog before her, Olga, had been a reissue so was three when
we trained together, and I really enjoyed not going through the young dog
stage. But to be fair, Olga has a very old soul personality and I bet she
was mature at birth! I have mixed feelings about Petunia's age. It
definitely doesn't affect her ability to do her job. Her guidework is
superior, wonderful. And to compare, though I hate comparing, Olga, the
older dog, didn't really enjoy working. Petunia is smart, picks up things
fast and is safe and cautious, everything I need her to be. But she is also
still very puppyish. She is distractible particularly when she sees people
she knows or when she sees little children. She's got some growing up to do,
and that's hard to explain. Just that she seems and acts young. But on the
other hand, she is a golden retriever, and it's her personality. I work from
home, but I do work at a desk for 8 or 10 hours a day, and she is quiet and
calm during my work day. So, though I had reservations about her age, I
truly believe it doesn't affect her work or her behavior, beyond the


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Lexia went back to GDB for training  at fifteen months. She was ready to be
matched at twenty months, but she was held for one more month for me. That
put her at twenty-one months when I got her. I do not think that it was too
young, but I would not have wanted her any younger. Is there anyone on the
list who has been to GDB recently who has received a younger dog who would
be willing to talk about the experience?

Nicole and Lexia

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