[nagdu] Environment anxiety?

Daryl Marie crazymusician at shaw.ca
Sun Sep 28 15:27:12 UTC 2014

Last night I did my run for the blind sports organization, and I took Jenny with me; she would be walking with my husband.
The place it was held was a very open covered area full of chairs, tables and people, and all Jenny wanted to do was to get out of there.
While we were walking, she was pulling quite hard and acted like she wanted to get out of there, but she sat down calmly at a table during the down time.  Also, she did have to relieve (even though I took her out before we left the house), which I attribute to the pulling.
I kinda think that she got confused/concerned about the open space with no landmarks.
Is this something i should worry about, or just chock it up to a poorly organized space that was confusing for people, much less dogs?



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