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You may have to use the Halti anytime you are in a place where food could be 
on the ground. I'd do this for a few weeks before testing him without the 
Halti.  If he snarfs up something, back to the Halti for a few more weeks. 
The dog will soon get the messege that snarfing off the ground isn't cool.

Everytime your dog sucessfully gets something off the floor or ground, it is 
reinforcing the practise and he will do it again and again.  Head collars 
are a pain but if you want to break a bad habit, it is a great tool.

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> Hi all,
> Over the last few weeks, I have noticed my dog scavenging more frequently. 
> I have tried working with him on ignoring food on the floor but he knows 
> he is being set up by thesecond piece of food. I also use a Halti but I 
> don't want to have to use it all the time. Any thoughts?
> Danielle and Thai
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