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Hey, Nimer!  Welcome to the list!  Glad you're here; jump in any time.

Margo and Isis

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Good morning Listers:

In case you haven't read the headers of this e-mail, my name is Nimer
(pronounced Nimmer for those of you using screenreaders). After a couple of
years off this list, I am joining this list in order to join in the give
and take process that is providing and receiving content to all of you. I
am also considering putting my support behind the NFB, although that step
will be a larger one for me to take. For those that don't know, I am a
Seeing Eye grad. I am presently working my second puppy named Donald (Lil'
D as I refer to him). I reside in Minnesota where presently my job
responsibilities vary from being a technology specialist, a back-up braille
instructor, a leisure instructor, an adjustment to vision loss team lead
instructor, a fill-in receptionist and an administrative assistant.
Wow...didn't realize just how much I am tasked with...mostly I am a
technology instructor and dabble with IT and server administration. This
won't come as a surprise to any of you that know me as I am a
self-professed techy.

I will be opening up a few threads to ask some questions in order to gain
some information, however I am willing to take any questions on or off-list
from anyone that wishes to know anything more than I've posted to this
thread. Feel free to respond to this e-mail address and your messages will
get through to me. I don't have a huge amount of time in my day, however I
will keep an eye on this list and will chime in on any topics that I feel
my input will contribute to.


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