[nagdu] Rabies tag only no local license should be required.

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	I respectfully disagree that licensing our dogs is something we
don't need. Vaccinating our dogs is in the best interest of the public and
communities have the right to protect the best interest of their citizens.
All those who own animals are required to comply with these requirements and
we, as participating citizens in the life of our communities have the
responsibility to comply with these ordinances. We should not be exempted
from them simply by nature of our disability, as such an attitude only
furthers the perception that we should expect and receive preferential

	What we don't need are paternalistic guide dog training programs who
require us to send them veterinarian records and have so little faith in our
capacity as to not transfer ownership to us upon completion of training
because they say their donors want them to be paternalistic in their
treatment of us. Of course, most training programs buy into the
misconception that the only way a blind person can be independent and have
any sort of dignity is by possessing one of these incredible dogs. Just look
at the training programs websites and you will see how many of them say
their dogs give us dignity. Dignity is something that emanates from within;
nothing outside of us can give it to us!

Fraternally yours,
Marion Gwizdala

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First of all my service dog Rhett, has a chip that shows that he is goes
back to school and his name and he has tag with his name and Duiding Eyes
with phone number. The reason that towns and city have dogs license is so
they make shore that dog owners get there pets rabies shots. Guide dog
schools make shore that we have our dogs seen by vets and our dogs have all
the shots that are required. Having a dog license is another regulation that
we don't need.

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Howard, again, it's a dog, not just a service dog.  My dog's license doesn't
say anything about service dog.  I believe you are deliberately
misunderstanding the whole issue.  It has nothing to do with service dogs.
Your town could care less whether you have a service dog.  People like you
make it more difficult for the rest of us who try to do the right thing and
not violate local laws.  That only draws more attention sometimes.  Nova
wears her license, her rabies tag, and the tag that says she is chipped with
HomeAgain.  That way should she ever get loose (God forbid), someone could
tell at a glance that she's licensed in Spokane County, is chipped, has
up-to-date rabies shot, and they can call me.  Our dogs not only have value
to us as guides, but monetarily have great value, too.  So it 
behooves us to get them licensed, etc.    Debby

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