[nagdu] brag on Gipp

Lori Dent loriandleo at ohiohills.com
Sun Aug 2 03:46:00 UTC 2015

Hi all,

This morning Rick Gipp and I left our  apartment at 7:00 and we drove  to Columbus, Ohio so Rick could attend a meeting  for the Ohio Lions Foundation. Rick is the trustee for our District and the Ohio Lions Foundation  helps  get Ipads  placed in libraries for visually impaired and blind students to use. Also, this organization  helps with disaster relief as well.

Anyway Rick had to be down in Columbus, Ohio by 10.00. The meeting was held at the law  firm and one of these    Lions members who is a lawyer and it's his law firm everyone met at.

We arrived at the law firm at 9:30. Gipp and I have been here once before about a year ago or so. Since we arrived a half hour early  we decided to  walk over to the shopping center/strip mall to use the restrooms. We actually walked over to Giant Eagle . So I told Gipp to find Giant Eagle  and without me saying another word to him except to find Giant Eagle  and find the restroom Gipp guided me from the parking lot of the law firm building over to the shopping center/strip mall where Giant Eagle is  and he took me exactly to Giant Eagle and found the correct entrance doors to go through and took me straight to the ladies restroom  without me giving him any verbal direction. Gipp remembered exactly where Giant Eagle and the restrooms were on his own. After we both used the restroom Rick walked back over to the law firm building  to attend his meting.

Gipp and I were on our own for 4 hours. So I was planning to walk through the shopping center/mall strip  over to Macy's department store which we did. I told Gipp to find Macy's  and he did exactly that. Gipp guided me around the outside of the shopping center/mall strip and found Macy's  like I asked him to. But when we got over to Macy's  department store  and Gipp found the door we couldn't get in. The doors were locked. Macy's department store  this location had went out of business and closed their doors for good.

So Gipp and I decided to walk around and behind  and in the back of Macy's are some other stores 
 So we walked on the backside of the shopping center/mall strip  just to see what was there and Gipp remembered walking this before.

Then after walking for a bit I decided to go to get something to eat for lunch. So we walked from the shopping center/mall strip back over  to the law firm building and from   their parking lot we walked up to the sidewalk turned left and walked up to the corner to cross the street. But before getting up to the corner Gipp stopped and he had to take me around  a barricade that was on the sidewalk.
So I told Gipp to take me around the barricade  so he went left into the grass and around the barricade and guided me back up on the sidewalk and we continued to walk to the corner to get ready to cross the street. I was so proud of my boy  for guiding me around the barricade obstacle on the sidewalk. 

Once we crossed the street and got to the otherside and back up on the sidewalk I  told Gipp forward and find Wendy's restaurant  and   Gipp did exactly that. He guided me  right up to the door to enter Wendy's. While I had lunch   Gipp laid next to my chair  on his side  and never moved until I was ready to leave. Once I was finished with lunch  we walked around some more. We were about 10 minutes or so from downtown Columbus, Ohio. We were in the upper part of Arlington  area . Then around 1:30 PM we decided to walk back to the law firm building and  inside and upstairs and wait for Rick. By this time  it was almost 2:00 PM in the afternoon. By this time Rick's meeting was finished for the day.

I was so impressed in the way Gipp  patterns and remembers where things are  only being here once before about a year or so ago. Also his guidework was flawless . I just love the way Gipp works for me and how proud I am of him. He's one smart and amazing dog and I love him so.  Just had to share with you all. Take care.

Lori and the Gipper

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