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Meal time and Treats for good behavior help your dog bond to you naturally.
Giving lots of praise and focusing more on good behavior than bad
behavior will make your dog want to please you more. Praise your dog
for just lying quietly. The more you give praise for good things, the
more good things your dog will do.
Training sessions and obedience routines demonstrate and establish the
expectations that you and your dog have for each other. They help you
and your dog feel each other out, and strengthen the communication
between you two.
Play with your dog on a daily basis. This is another opportunity to
strengthen communication, work out expectations, and unwind together.
And it goes without saying that cuddles, Massages and grooming help, too.

Be patient, don't push or rush your dog. It's natural to want to get
back into the swing of things, but be considerate that your new dog
will be unfamiliar with your home environment and routine and will
need time to adjust. Provide lots of independent and interactive play
time to allow for stress release.

When traversing your college campus, remember that while you know it,
your dog doesn't, so be patient when teaching new routes. Campuses are
not the most straightforward layout, so some dogs have a hard time
with the unique and tricky intersections.

I also suggest keeping your dog on leash until he understands the
house rules. Be proactive about preventing bad behaviors rather than
retroactive. Dogs lose 40-60% of their house training while in the
kennels, so if you show your dog upfront what is and is not
acceptable, you won't have to spend much time undoing self-rewarding
bad behaviors.
Hth, and good luck!
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On 7/31/15, Lori Dent via nagdu <nagdu at nfbnet.org> wrote:
> Hi Abby,
> From one LeaderDog handler to another I want to wish you all the best in
> class and training with your new dog. The bonding will happen depending on
> the dog he or she could bond to you right away but if not it just might take
> some time for the new dog to get  used to you. Just try to be calm, positive
> and spend your time when not working with the dog petting him or her,
> playing with your new dog feeding and watering  and grooming your dog that
> will help the dog and you to start to bond. It will happen naturally.
> Do you know who your trainers are? Again good luck and keep us posted when
> you arrive at Leader next Sunday.
> Lori and the Gipper
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