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When I give a speech I always say I can't tell the dog to take me to
"store name" and think the dog will do it.  You just blew my speech.

On 8/2/15, Lori Dent via nagdu <nagdu at nfbnet.org> wrote:
> Hi all,
> This morning Rick Gipp and I left our  apartment at 7:00 and we drove  to
> Columbus, Ohio so Rick could attend a meeting  for the Ohio Lions
> Foundation. Rick is the trustee for our District and the Ohio Lions
> Foundation  helps  get Ipads  placed in libraries for visually impaired and
> blind students to use. Also, this organization  helps with disaster relief
> as well.
> Anyway Rick had to be down in Columbus, Ohio by 10.00. The meeting was held
> at the law  firm and one of these    Lions members who is a lawyer and it's
> his law firm everyone met at.
> We arrived at the law firm at 9:30. Gipp and I have been here once before
> about a year ago or so. Since we arrived a half hour early  we decided to
> walk over to the shopping center/strip mall to use the restrooms. We
> actually walked over to Giant Eagle . So I told Gipp to find Giant Eagle
> and without me saying another word to him except to find Giant Eagle  and
> find the restroom Gipp guided me from the parking lot of the law firm
> building over to the shopping center/strip mall where Giant Eagle is  and he
> took me exactly to Giant Eagle and found the correct entrance doors to go
> through and took me straight to the ladies restroom  without me giving him
> any verbal direction. Gipp remembered exactly where Giant Eagle and the
> restrooms were on his own. After we both used the restroom Rick walked back
> over to the law firm building  to attend his meting.
> Gipp and I were on our own for 4 hours. So I was planning to walk through
> the shopping center/mall strip  over to Macy's department store which we
> did. I told Gipp to find Macy's  and he did exactly that. Gipp guided me
> around the outside of the shopping center/mall strip and found Macy's  like
> I asked him to. But when we got over to Macy's  department store  and Gipp
> found the door we couldn't get in. The doors were locked. Macy's department
> store  this location had went out of business and closed their doors for
> good.
> So Gipp and I decided to walk around and behind  and in the back of Macy's
> are some other stores
>  So we walked on the backside of the shopping center/mall strip  just to see
> what was there and Gipp remembered walking this before.
> Then after walking for a bit I decided to go to get something to eat for
> lunch. So we walked from the shopping center/mall strip back over  to the
> law firm building and from   their parking lot we walked up to the sidewalk
> turned left and walked up to the corner to cross the street. But before
> getting up to the corner Gipp stopped and he had to take me around  a
> barricade that was on the sidewalk.
> So I told Gipp to take me around the barricade  so he went left into the
> grass and around the barricade and guided me back up on the sidewalk and we
> continued to walk to the corner to get ready to cross the street. I was so
> proud of my boy  for guiding me around the barricade obstacle on the
> sidewalk.
> Once we crossed the street and got to the otherside and back up on the
> sidewalk I  told Gipp forward and find Wendy's restaurant  and   Gipp did
> exactly that. He guided me  right up to the door to enter Wendy's. While I
> had lunch   Gipp laid next to my chair  on his side  and never moved until I
> was ready to leave. Once I was finished with lunch  we walked around some
> more. We were about 10 minutes or so from downtown Columbus, Ohio. We were
> in the upper part of Arlington  area . Then around 1:30 PM we decided to
> walk back to the law firm building and  inside and upstairs and wait for
> Rick. By this time  it was almost 2:00 PM in the afternoon. By this time
> Rick's meeting was finished for the day.
> I was so impressed in the way Gipp  patterns and remembers where things are
> only being here once before about a year or so ago. Also his guidework was
> flawless . I just love the way Gipp works for me and how proud I am of him.
> He's one smart and amazing dog and I love him so.  Just had to share with
> you all. Take care.
> Lori and the Gipper
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