[nagdu] conference call.

melissa R green graduate56 at juno.com
Thu Aug 6 04:04:26 UTC 2015

Hello all.

If you are interested in
what's happening in Colorado
with the colorado association
of guide dog users(coagdu) and
wish to particepate in future
events,   please join us  for
our monthly conference call
Sunday August 9, 2015 at: 6:30
PM Mountain time.  

The number to call is:

Meeting code: 234368039

Please distribute to any other
interested people.

Thank you.

The agenda is below.


1. roll call

2. treasurer's report

3. State convention

a. exhibit table 

b. resolutions

c. seminar

4. fundraisers

5. other business

6. next meeting

7. adjournment



Melissa R Green and Pj

"True friends are the ones who
never leave your heart, even
if they leave your life for a


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