[nagdu] very sad news about Gabe

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We are all saddened to hear about Gabe. We will keep both of you in our

Best Regards,

Michael Hingson

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I really hate to give you this sad news about Gabe, but he has either
suffered a stroke or has a brain tumor. My vet is not sure, and it would
take a visit to a neurologist costing thousands of dollars to get a
definitive answer.


Early Friday morning, I went to check on Gabe who was sleeping in another
part of the house. He was panting heavily, and I thought that he needed to
go out. He almost fell when he stood up, and  when I got him outside, he
seemed ot walk a little better, but still could not get his footing

I brought him back inside,and  checked on him a little later, and still the
same thing. I took him to the emergency animal clinic on Hulen where he got
meds to sedate him.

I then took him to my vet who wants to keep him through the weekend and give
him anti-inflamatories to see if Gabe's condition improves. He is also
having trouble with his vision because of the brain damage; the messages
aren't getting to his brain properly.


My vet is leaning toward a stroke diagnosis, because of the sudden changes.

I will keep you posted, and I've already started my application process for
another Seeing Eye Dog.




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