[nagdu] Three more weeks!!! Permission to freak out? :)

Kaye Kipp kkipp123 at gmail.com
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Well, I don't think there are any silly questions.  Boy.  I remember how I
felt when I got my first dog back in 1969.  I asked my friends who had dogs
all kinds of questions.


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Hello everyone,
Well, three more weeks from today I will be flying out of Detroit to head
off to New York to Guiding Eyes for my first guide dog.
I got my flight information via email on friday afternoon, now awaiting the
luggage tags and Braille copy of my itinerary in the mail.
Nerves and excitement are kicking back in to full gear. I will be journaling
my experience probably in two places, via an interactive dropbox folder
and/or www.livingblindblog.com.
I will apologize in advance for asking silly questions, although I know you
all were there at one point in time.
God bless.
Matthew Dierckens
Certified Assistive Technology Specialist Macintosh, Windows and IOS
Trainer U.S. number: 573-401-1018 Personal Email: matt.dierckens at me.com

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