[nagdu] Arbitrary restrictions on playing with future guide dogs

Debby Phillips semisweetdebby at gmail.com
Fri Aug 14 23:35:28 UTC 2015

Hi! Hadn't thought about a reward for them to play tug.  I 
actually don't have a tug toy now, (Neena destroyed the last 
one).  We'll get another one eventually.  I'd like to try playing 
tug with Nova.  She likes to fetch balls and brings them back for 
awhile, then she gets her bone and chews on it.  She loves to 
chew her bone.  She's actually not that much of a player.  We 
took her to the free play area at school, and she just came over 
and laid down beside me, and even when her trainer interacted 
with her in play, she just wasn't that interested.  My third dog 
Nat was like that.  All the others have enjoyed playing, some 
more than others.  But she's a cuddler and a chewer.  Maybe she 
would play with a tug toy.     Debby and Nova

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