[nagdu] Behind the scenes at GEB

Raven Tolliver ravend729 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 18 12:40:11 UTC 2015

One of the Guiding Eyes volunteers has been writing a 3-part blog on
the various stages of canine enrichment and training at the school.
Part 1 of the blog covers the whelping kennel, part 2 focuses on the
breeding kennel, and part 3, not yet written, concentrates on the
training kennel.

There are many photos in this blog, but considerately, they are all
described in great detail.

I read both parts, and it was fascinating to learn what GEB pups are
exposed to and how they are handled before they are given to their
raisers at 10-weeks old.
I will be touring the Canine Development Center when I visit New York
next month, and greatly appreciated the sneak peek.
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