[nagdu] Puppy raising, taking the pup in public

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Puppy play dates are the best! I had a birthday party for Pascal and Mambo on Saturday. Their birthdays are 7 weeks apart, so I threw a party for both in the middle. I invited my friends with guide dogs, and one pet dog. We had a total of 6 dogs, and everything went great! I think next year I will get a kiddie pool, I'm sure a lot of the pups will like that. 
Deanna and Mambo

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I asked my puppy-raiser friend about the vest and going out in public.  She raises for TSE.  She said the pup had a bandana before, but, now she is 6 months old, she has graduated to a vest.  This is like what people said other schools do.


I have the day off, so Krokus had a playdate with her pup.  They had a grand time, chasing each other, and Krokus had a blast wading in the dog kiddie pool.



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