[nagdu] process of getting a guide dog from leader dog

Debby Phillips semisweetdebby at gmail.com
Sat Aug 22 20:09:19 UTC 2015

So John, does this mean that you will not be getting a dog from 
Leader? I'm a little confused.

I will say that young dogs need work.  I don't do 2 miles a day, 
I get up very early to get ready for work, but we do that every 
day, and on weekends I try to do some different things.

With the fires all around where I live, the smoke in the air has 
made the air unhealthy.  Today they said that people should stay 
inside, and bring pets inside as well, and that it may be this 
way for the weekend.  Perhaps Nova and I can go to the mall 
tomorrow or Sunday.  My lungs are a little dicey anyway for 
walking in all that smoky air.  But it is important to have some 
place where you and your dog can work every day.

John, I don't see that you have failed.  It may be that you live 
in an area that is not good for safe walking.  Then you have to 
make some decisions.  What are the options for moving? Would you 
consider doing that if it meant that you would have more places 
to go? What about taking a bus to another part of your town and 
going somewhere in a different area? Just some thoughts.    Debby 
and Nova

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