[nagdu] Process of getting a new guide dog

Lisa dreamymarmot93 at yahoo.de
Sun Aug 23 10:05:09 UTC 2015

Hi John,

well, the dog won't help with your laundry so your helper shouldn't worry 
about that. ;-)
As others said: In the end, it's your own decision. I know, everyone has 
something to say to this. I don't mean the list here but just everyone in 
your family or circle of friends. But in the end, you will be the one who 
has the dog 24/7 so it's really your choice.
>From what I read, you really seem to be determined to get more mobility and 
that's always a good thing. I really hope you can get more O&M lessons, no 
matter if you decide to get a guide or not.

And I also really liked Raven's message. Travelling with a dog makes many 
people more confident than a cane. That's the same for me. Since I got 
Taylor, I'm more confident in general, even when I don't have him with me. 
He just kind of helped me develop a better orientation, listen to more 
things and take them as information about my surrounding. So my general 
feeling about being at an unfamiliar place has improved a lot since I have 


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