[nagdu] a Straw Argument: Freedom of choice?

Aaron Cannon cannona at fireantproductions.com
Wed Aug 26 16:29:26 UTC 2015

Hi Tina and all:

I am taken aback by this argument.  You wrote:

"Marion- If my argument of freedom of choice is as thin as you make it
out to be, then why haven't the schools who have conditional ownership
got on board with you and others on this list way of thinking."

Do we really want this to be how we decide which actions are worth
pursuing?  What would be the result if we were to say any of the

If the accessibility issues with Amazon are so obvious, then why
hasn't Amazon gotten on board with our way of thinking?

If the National Bar Examiners are so blatantly discriminating against
students who wish to take the LSAT, then why haven't they changed
their policies?  (They have now, but only because they are being
forced to by a judge.)

If Uber denying rides to guide dog handlers is really such a problem,
then why hasn't they fixed it?

Just because I can't explain why a company, organization, guide dog
school, government agency, or anyone else is doing something stupid,
doesn't mean that they aren't.


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