[nagdu] Anxiety-producing behaviors

Cindy Ray cindyray at gmail.com
Thu Aug 27 13:06:43 UTC 2015

Well, here goes. I have told you all that Fisher has a tendency to bark at
other dogs and lunge until he has sniffed and gotten to know them. That
apparently is more toward male than female, which makes some sense. But he
is doing some other things that are a little alarming. He is nine, and he
doesn't get lots of work, so I am just not sure what to think, but I had
another dog who was a really good dog doing some of these things, and they
were indicative of her need to retire.

1.       Thre is the dog thing. He is slightly more easily controlled with
the GL on.

2.        When we are walking he burys his nose in things off the side to
sniff. It is sometimes, fairly frequently really, hard to get him loose.
Occasionally, of course, he is looking to go urinate, but mostly that's not
the case.

3.       I have developed a fear of crossing busy streets because of the dog
issue. I didn't realize it before, but I do really think it is true. So
yesterday my IL teacher and I decided to walk and I decided to use him. We
went down to the dreaded busy street. Fisher was everywhere. He went behind
me; he was off to the side; he was just squirrely. I am just thinking I may
call my school and have a little chat about it.

Cindy Lou Ray

cindyray at gmail.com <mailto:cindyray at gmail.com> 


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