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Andrea, welcome to the list. I am one of the list's moderators, Cindy Ray. I
have a dog, Fisher, who is getting a little age on him so to speak. Of
course so am I, so that's the way of it. LOL.
Congratulatioins on the property, and we look forward to hearing more from
Cindy Lou Ray
cindyray at gmail.com

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Hi there everyone,
I am Andrea living in Belfast Northern Ireland UK.  am currently working my
fourth guide dog Debbie who is a golden retriever cross labrador. I've had
her 8 months already. I can't believe where the time has gone. 

I am the partner of Diane Marks who is the GDO of Thomas. As she has told
you, we are both currently working towards moving in together. We signed up
for a property on Monday and next Tuesday, we get the keys. Diane I think
told you that we met through a guide dogs awards ceremony 2013. My previous
guide dog Zeta a golden labrador saw Thomas and pulled me towards me.
Normally she didn't really bother about other dogs, but when she saw Thomas
she was quite taken by him. So Zeta and Thomas got on well and they were the
same age. Thomas is 2 months younger than my girl. Anyway, then Diane and I
got talking and the rest is history. It's funny how people love our story
and how they find it so romantic. We've been together now for 16 months. I
really can't wait to move into our new home together. 

Anyway, I hope that I'll get to know some of you and I look forward to
watching what gets posted on the list as it's interesting to see how things
work in different places. 
For now, that's me and my introduction.
Take care

Andrea and Debbie 
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