[nagdu] Trying to understand: denial of access bad allergies

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			I have a friend who works at a car dealership. She
says Uber drivers are people who want new cars. All they need is good credit
and to prove they drive for Uber. She says they do not receive any training,
all they need is a good driving record. She says most of the people she's
encountered who drive for Uber are not capable of real work, that they are
low class and do what they think will be "easy money". 
Acording to her, she says they do not know or understand the concept that
they will be driving John Q public, not their buddies or the chick they
think is hot. 

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Let me guess, some sighted friend or family member is telling you all this.
No, you are not being selfish.  You are not being close-minded.  It is the
opposite, I believe.  The people who drive their cars for Uber and want
money, that's fine.  But they want to select who they give rides to.  If
they're going to do that, then they can't drive for a company like Uber.
They can't have their cake and eat it to.' So you stick to your guns, and 
don't let people make you feel guilty.    Debby and Nova

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