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			That was my take too when I was in Europe, the take
away that I got was "You are less then us, the government will take care of
you and if you want anything different from what the government is offering
then you need to know your place and be grateful". 
When I was pregnant with my second daughter, my family and I went on a
dolphin cruise. We happened to be sharing the boat with a bunch of Chinese
people who were here visiting. They literally tried to crowd me while I was
getting on the boat and I got the impression that if they could have gone
over me, they would have. Not a one of them gave any consideration to my
personal space or my pregnancy. It was like "You're in our way, get out or
we'll move you". 
I suspect this has more to do with their personal boundaries then mine.
Still, it was a little scary. 
We aren't wrong if we share our personal experiences folks. 

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I am sorry I did not think the message went through. I would like to say
that we on the list should be able to have our options and not be tolde how
to say every thing your way. I lived in Europe and I got feeling that if you
had handicap you where second class person. Way you change things for the
better is to talk about them in open way.

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