[nagdu] Confessions of a Wayward Guide Dog

Cindy Ray cindyray at gmail.com
Mon Aug 31 15:52:21 UTC 2015

Hi, I'm Fisher, Cindy Ray's guide dog. And I have some confessions. I've
heard people say before that confession is good for the soul. So I decided
while Cindy and I were out on a hot and humid walk that I would talk to all
of you about me. After all, that's who it is about.

So I came here in 2008, almost Christmas time, and I truly wanted to work
with CindyWhen . Cindy wanted that, too, because Wayne . well we won't enter
him into the equation. Anyhow, so we did well together. Cindy had a little
job and we went to work and had a fine time of it. But after Cindy stopped
working, we didn't go out as much.

We soon had a whole family-me, I'm the oldest, smartest, and best-and then
Libby who looks a lot like me. Then there is Isabel who is a cockerpoo and
really very demanding. We have fund together, barking at each other, chasing
one another around, and guarding the house against things like neighborhood
dogs, squirrels, cats, people who cross our yard, and rabbits. 

I have a rather fun hobby. Not sure why I do this, but when I see a dog I
haven't met yet I bark with this really deep bark designed to scare
people-and maybe dogs, too-to death. When I do this. Sadly, sometimes I pull
Cindy down, though honestly this isn't my intent. But I have done this in
streets before. I guess that wouldn't inspire a person's confidence, would

Anyway, we have gone out less and less, and Cindy doesn't take me to
conventions anymore. We go out to eat with friends sometimes and we go to
church, but we don't do anything great. A few times someone has come to
visit us from our school, but every time we haven't found a dog for mee to
bark at anywhere. Maybe we should have worked on busy streets, too.

So last week a lady came to work with Cindy and we walked to this busy
street. I first of all had to stop and really give the ground a good sniff.
I had practiced that when we went out for the anniversary dinner. So I did
that and, of course, got into trouble. Then we got to the street, and being
a curious sort, I was going all around sniffing and trying to figure out
what I was going to do. I was not paying attention to the part where she was
trying to get me to line up with that street. Wee went around all the
corners and came back. The lady with us was truly not impressed.

When we go out with my friend, Linda, whom I love a lot and greet with
sincere joy whenever she comes around, I follow her. It's so much easier
that way because I can just do whatever she does and not work so hard.

I'm nine years old now, so Cindy began to think maybe I was tired of
working. She called her school, but to date she hasn't been able to speak
with anyone there. So this morning we went out for this walk. It was hot and
humid, so the walk was kind of short. We went alone. There was no one to
follow, no one to be impressed or not. I stopped a few times to sniff, but
when she corrected me, I did exactly what Cindy wanted. I stopped at the
street corners and was quick to get lined up to cross. We didn't do busy
streets. You know, maybe if I have this challenge of working with Cindy
alone and if I'm good, maybe I will keep on working a while. I felt good
about the trip. Maybe someone will have to come visit us from the school,
but maybe I had a little structured discovery this morning. Maybe I learned
working isn't so bad. After all, I get to go places those other two dogs
only dream of going. So I hope Cindy will reconsider and decide for sure she
is going to take me to Utah Thursday. I may try to go for somebody's pets,
but I think I will try very hard to be a good guy because I love to please
my girl.

Fisher Ray


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