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Hi Becky.
How did you choose venison food?  Was it the first alternative you tried, or
did you have him tested?

Is an air cleaner like an ionizer?  I bought one of those for my folks, and
it seemed to cut down on the air dust.

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When I moved here to Washington my goldens allergies got worse then when I
lived in Erie PA. So I washed the bedding in laundry soap for sensitive
people, vacuumed more, but what really helped was getting an air cleaner. I
put it by where he slept. The loud snoring was the first thing I noticed
went away, then the constant itching at night. So we got them for the entire
house. But when we went to Venison Nature's Recipe, that was the formula
that sat best with his system. The ears stopped with the infections and hot
spots went far down to once a year in the fall. You could see he was a much
happier dog. 


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