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Matthew Dierckens matt.dierckens at me.com
Fri Oct 2 19:29:10 UTC 2015

Hi guys,
My mum's boyfriend has a 120 pound Alaskan malamute. Odin and Marilyn  met last weekend, I thought it was too soon, but they got along pretty ok. The only problem is, this dog wants to play, and I don't feel Marilyn is ready. mum and her boyfriend are throwing a party tomorrow and I want to go. My worry is how the dogs will interact. I did call my school and they agreed with me that I not bring Marilyn with me. Family keeps asking me well, when is it good for them to meet, and it's so hard to explain to them and it's stressing me out. They'll say things like, oh but you take her to church and she's fine, you bring her around your other friends who have dogs, (guide dogs) mind you, little things like that. What do you guys think? 
God bless.
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