[nagdu] Ears and allergies

Tracy Carcione carcione at access.net
Fri Oct 9 17:28:50 UTC 2015

I took Krokus to the vet today for an ear check, and his ears are
infection-free.  Yay!  The vet said to clean his ears once a twice a week.
I guess I'll start with that, then see if we can go longer without, and
monitor the situation.

He's lost a pound, so she says he can eat more, which I've been thinking
myself.  He'll be delighted.

His anal glands keep filling up within a week or 2, so I'll start giving him
a bit of pumpkin and see if he's licking himself less.  Even more in
Krokus's bowl!

Otherwise, he seems OK-a bit of scratching, but not so much I feel he needs
a pill, most of the time.

What a relief, not to have to clean ears twice a day, and no more vet for a
while, I hope.



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