[nagdu] And that's the guide dog lifestyle

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Fri Oct 9 23:14:10 UTC 2015

So you know those guide dog advertisements for the programs which always seem  to sport a person doing something like hiking, or weaving through a place like Grand Central station like it's nothing. 
They always seem to talk about "the guide dog lifestyle."
Well today I was in the mirror image of that ad only it's the guide dog lifestyle the real story version. 
In city hall, in the midst of a presentation about pedestrian safety which I was giving, my dog yacks up her dinner. 
My interpreter kept saying your dog your dog you dog, and I thought she was too close to the interpreter  for her comfort. But no, it was that my dog had hurked up right  in front of my feet. 
Perhaps it was a comment on my presentation? Soleil seems to be fine, sometimes puke just happens, I just wish it would not happen when I have an audience, literally! 

 Rox and the kitchen Bitches: 
Mill'E, Laveau, Soleil
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