[nagdu] treat pouch!

Abby Bolling violingirl30794 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 18:18:58 UTC 2015

Hi all!
I have always liked to do food rewards with my pup, so I had one of the 
Petsafe pouches. Unfortunately, the hinges in the pouch broke and became 
very sharp. I started looking for an alternative.
And I found, in my opinion, the best thing on the market.
Actually, it's the same pouch that GDB sells to it's clients and gives 
to their trainers
On amazon, it is the "Dog gone good, rapid reward pouch."
it comes in a lot of cool colors (I got purple... surprise surprise), 
and it has a belt that wraps around your waist, about the same as the 
petsafe model.
It closes with a pretty strong magnet, so no hinges to break!
it has a small pocket on either side that is the perfect size for a 
square clicker, so that is amazing. A small velcrow pocket on the front 
that I carry poop bags in, and an inside pocket that you could put 
higher value treats if you wanted.
It also has a zipper pocket in the back that I have successfully put my 
cousins IPhone 6s-plus in comfortably. I carry my 6s in it all the time, 
but I wanted to see if it would hold the larger phones.
I got this pouch on amazon for 20 dollars, and I would say it's 
definitely worth it!
It holds about a cup of kibble with no problem, but you can put more in, 
it will just have a little bit of a harder time staying closed.
the only thing I can say is that the loop on the front of the pouch that 
you can grab to pull it open easier is not large... actually, I see no 
real use for it because it is really small. I find it easier just to put 
my hand in the opening and force the magnet to open.

Anyway, if you want more information, amazon is the best place to go.

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