[nagdu] Dog bored at my office?

Daryl Marie crazymusician at shaw.ca
Fri Oct 30 00:23:22 UTC 2015

Hi, everyone. Sorry for any typos... I have a bandaged finger that makes typing complicated.

I've started to notice that Jenny seems to be BORED at work. During the morning, she seems really content to sleep, but afvter about noon, she starts getting restless. She'll move away from her bed, sometimes enthusiastically greet anyone who remotely pays attention to her, to the point where she will literally prance and try and run out the door when she knows we're gboing home.
In previous jobs I have had, there has always been a window, or access to some form of sunlight, if she wants to rest in it... I've been able to walk somewhere most days at lunch, and even if not, we could go around the block for some fresh air. At this job, there is no sunshine, no windows, and the only place we can really walk is the bus stop - there's no sidewalks, no restaurants to go to for lunch.

She seems bored of her bones, and I am reluctant to use treat puzzles regularly.
ANY other suggestions?

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